We’re here to work with you. Our trained technicians bring a safety-orientated and professional mentality to address the problem at hand. We are experienced in confined space operations and provide first-rate non-destructive system inspection.
Cam-Tech can also perform complete testing on newly installed sanitary and storm sewers.
New construction compliance testing, such as deflection, air leakage and manhole vacuum testing can be performed on lines from 4″ to 36″ in diameter. Reports can be generated from the field data to meet your requirements.


CamTech’s Visual Pipe Software provides you with a full inspection report, complete with operator observations, color still and video images, and system mapping. Along with listing and location of problem areas, we furnish you with generous hardcopy and electronic files for your record keeping and administrative needs.


Spot repairs of sanitary and storm sewers can also be performed by Cam-Tech personnel. Whether your pipe has been damaged by cracking/fracturing, roots, damaged by others in near-by construction, or is leaking ground water into the system through cracks of joints, we can provide complete repair service by using the Link-Pipe sleeve system. We pull in a stainless steel locking sleeve into place. The grout-coated outside foam wrap will fill in cracks and fractures in the pipe. As the sleeve is expanded by the air bladder, the stainless steel sleeve locks itself into place creating a permanent repair.

Sewer Cleaning

Our Vac-Con combination truck is waiting to provide cleaning of your sewers, manholes and catch basins. With over 500 feet of cleaning hose, specialized nozzles for removing stone, sand, grease and roots, and vacuum system to remove the debris, we will return your system to full flow and capacity.
We also specialize in cleaning field tiles and ditch culverts to help your farms, landscape areas and roadside drains.


This same truck also gives us the ability to safely excavate holes. By using high pressure water and vacuum, we can excavate without danger of damaging gas, water and sewer lines, or electric or communication lines. Whether you are digging a hole to plant a tree or excavating to repair a leaking water valve or damaged electric line, we can help.

Line Location

Cam-Tech also offers underground line location. We can trace lines to mark sewer tap locations, find hidden septic tanks, or find buried manholes. Our transponders can be attached to the jetting hose, main-line camera or push camera and “followed” to mark out any location. An accurate depth can also be obtained to help in excavating down to the problem.

Cam-Tech is your full service provider for sewer cleaning, video inspection, testing and repair.

We are available to help with Regularly Scheduled and/or Emergency Service.