Sewer Systems are an important public asset. Accurate identification of potential problem areas enable quick correction before sudden failure occurs. Video inspection minimizes digging, saves wear and tear on equipment, cuts down on manhours and saves disruption of service to the public. Accurate assessment of problem areas can help you determine damages, prevent collapse, assess projected expenses and have the material you’ll need at the worksite to avoid downtime.

Smoke Testing

By applying pressurized air and non-toxic smoke to a system, leaks and compromises can quickly be discovered and identified. If sewer gas can get out of a system, then roots, debris, ground water and storm water can get in. Sewer gases can enter a home and cause sickness and death if not detected and corrected.

Remote Video Camera

Our self-propelled remote controlled video camera has the capability to tilt and pan for an unobstructed view of the infrastructure from within. With 1000’ of travel, multiple lightheads and the ability to penetrate smaller diameter pipes, there are very few areas where we cannot visually inspect and provide quality assessment.